Good deal on 35" tires and 17" 5on5 wheels for someone and a lift kit


The son of a woman that I know is in bad shape financially.  Lost his job, etc.  His Jeep is being reclaimed by the bank very shortly.  He doesn't want to let the bank have the wheels and tires or the lift kit since they were not on the jeep when he purchased it.  He would like to trade someone his wheels and tires for some JK stockers in any condition plus some cash.  He sounds pretty desperate so he would probably entertain any offer.  He also mentioned that it has a 4" lift kit on it that he would trade out as well if someone wanted it.  He didn't know the brand or anything about the kit.  The guy's name is Kenny and his number is:  4o4-3o9-5822  The tires are Dick Cepek's and have about 10K miles on them he said.

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I just sent him a text. Will see what he says

I have all my stock parts he can have them so that way he can try and sell the parts and get some money out of them

Still up for grabs. I am not interested anymore.


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