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What do you cook?  Do you grill or smoke? Lets post up our weekend creations.

If you have an outdoor kitchen let's see that too!

I'll start:
This Sunday I wanted to smoke a chicken.  I love them in my Big Green  Egg.

Friday night, mix up a brine and let the bird soak for 24 hours

Saturday night I pull it out of the brine and let it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight.

This morning I do a home made dry rub. It sits for about 4 or 5 hours in the fridge and then it will go on the Egg

I'll post up an Egg pic this afternoon

I've got some big deer backstraps I am going to marinating soon. MMMMMM....

Danny Kinder:
Damn that looks good! You gotta move up here closer //letseat//

Yesterday I started at 10am with 20-30 lbs of deer meat on the UDS.  Then at 3:00 I put 28lbs of brisket on the big smoker and finished off the evening with a 6lb prime rib for dinner.
The brisket finished this morning around around 9:00


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