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I know we have quite a few beer drinkers in our club, so I assume many of you guys enjoy the breweries when possible. Share breweries toured, pics, cool info, experiences, etc.

I'll start since I visited a really fun one today.

Yuengling - Pottsville, PA

I was able to tour the brewery today, so much interesting history!!   My wife is from here and actually went to school with one of the daughters.  This is the oldest brewery in America.  I'll try to include some of the most interesting facts that I can remember.

- Much of the brewery was built deep in the mountain to utilize the constant cold temps. Coal was mined on the other side. Current underground cave is 140 yards by 50 or so.

- Their current production is done out of only 3 brewing facilities

- The company is owned by a 5th generation yuengling and has always been tradition for each owner to pay full market value for the company. They felt that you won't take as good of care of something that is given to you.

-"yuengling premium" beer is only offered in PA

-During prohibition, they started an Ice Cream business to keep all of his employees employed.  Not one person had to be laid off.

-1 min after prohibition ended, they sent a truckload of beer to the whitehouse to thank FDR. The truck was actually hijacked on the way, but half of it still made it to him.

I have had two internships at Miller coos in albany, went through the bush garden brewery before it closed, visited athens bewery, abetia bewery, and blue tarp.

Awesome info above.

Trail Duty:
I like this idea. Love a good brewery tour.

Guinness St. James Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

7 floors of history and beer

I didn't take many pictures, so here is a giant carved wooden pint glass, and the view from the 7th floor sky bar.

Jailhouse is pretty neat.  The beer is brewed in an old jailhouse.  The facility is small, so it will be a small part of overall production in the long term.

Monday Night Brewery has an  absolutely fantastic facility.  I haven't been on a micro brewery tour in a while, but that one was the best setup one for growth I had seen to date.  These guys started out as contract brewers, which means they would contract with other breweries to use their facilities and equipment to brew (read low capital investment) and then they (MNB) would do the marketing and distribution.  Once they established a following, the went for capital investment, found a facility, and built their new setup.  Very smartly laid out compared to what you normally see.

- Torg

Great thread Jay. I'm going to need to get to a computer and keyboard for this one...been to quite a few w pics as well. I'll dig them up and post.


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