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Reliable Jeep shop near Atlanta?

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My local Jeep dealership is OK for warranty maintenance appointments on my '14 JK. But in these days of "just read the code, then swap out the ECU," they've been less than stellar on my '98 TJ. I'm looking for a reliable, BS-free, Jeep-loving shop that I can depend on.

Any recommendations? I'm in Loganville, but will go anywhere for trustworthy folks. Thanks!

Allsouth is the only place I go. 

There are several around.  Just find their name, post up questions about specific shops, and someone will tell you what they are good for doing.  There are also a lot of knowledgeable folks on forums that can help diagnose a problem based on you telling them what you are hearing, seeing, and feeling.

I do some stuff myself, but I go to Allsouth Autosports (Buford) due to Danny, and the way he and his crew treat me and my Jeep. 

Regardless of who you use, it is best to make sure you are very explicit with what you want, preferably in writing, especially if you are going to be picky later.  Don't go in and say I want a 4" lift without stating how you intend to use the Jeep (show car, street car, rock crawler) because what you get may not meet all of your needs.  I find it best to do the research myself and basically let Allsouth be the parts supplier and provide expert labor; others just go to a Danny and say, "I want a 4" lift."

What you should keep in mind when doing custom work is that it is rarely done perfectly on the first attempt due to the nature of it being custom (most stuff will be done right, but something will rub, touch, or fail), but having a shop that fixes the problems after the fact (standing behind their work) is what really matters, to me.

- Torg

Allsouth for all of my cars trucks and trailers

Another vote for Allsouth. Danny and his team have taken great care of my jeep and truck and they stand behind the work they do.


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