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Re: Chocco Sat night dinner
« Reply #12 on: February 10, 2017, 04:44:42 AM »
Who all would like to participate?
@clark123456 @Jeeptrk @Chris36l

And anyone else?

I was thinking of bringing bratwurst and chips for myself, but it's a lot of food for one person. Anyone interested in participating?

we can bring whatever, but im already gonna do roast n veggies in the dutch oven for the guys staying friday night.. just let me know

I'll bring bratwurst, chips and plates, Clark has buns and mustard. I don't think we really need anything, but I'm open to suggestions (or someone just bringing whatever else they think we need). Not sure how to cook them, probably wrapped in foil and placed on some coals?

So what's the headcount? Me, you, beth, Clark and maybe Chris? @Chris36l is it just you or you and the wife?

ive got a little fireside grill you can cook them over some coals .. how many eating at camp friday night? i needs to know how many roasts and taters to get..
Sorry man, didn't see this until now.  Wes has a hankering for Mexican on Friday night. The good thing is he said he would treat anyone who showed up.  My guess, he'll provide chips, salsa, and water.  @jeepson33s
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