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Big Dave:
Smokin' & drankin' go together so....

My wife has gotten us into smoking cigars. She has to be 1/2 deep into a bottle of rum to really enjoy it.
My problem is finding a awesome cigar @ a affordable price.
I ordered from Thompson Cigar & got a sample box of crappy cigars.
I keep getting mailers from them & want to order some Cohiba & Punch cigars but don't want crap.
Locally, I can get a Punch for $10 or order some for $5 a pop but have to order $50 worth.

What's a brother to do?

Go to cigar.com.       You can order singles, 5 packs, samplers or boxes. They have great prices.  The Thompson website you went to is not that great.

Also, Cohiba and Punch are medium priced as far as quality cigars go but still expensive. 

Look at the 5 Vegas brand. Great value and really good cigars. 

My go to smoke is a 5 Vegas Gold. Great cigar.

Can't really go wrong with a fuente.

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Big Dave:
Thanks for the response guys. I knew I didn't reorder from Thompson for a reason.

I use Famous Smoke for online.  Check out their 5 Pack Frenzy.  Buy 2 5 packs, get one free.  It's a pretty good list to choose from.

Here is what I just ordered.

1Macanudo Cafe Duke Of York 5 Pack$30.99 - FREE
1Perdomo Champagne Robusto 5 Pack$31.99
1Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto 5 Pack$33.99



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