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1" impact driver

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Anyone have a 1" impact driver I could borrow? Honda harmonic balancer bolts are a bitch!

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Big torque wrench?

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Do you have a compressor big enough to run it?  BTW, I don't have one.

I have one but it takes the massive Milton fitting to run which I don't have anymore. I also got a 3/4 Ingersoll that might do the job for you.

Where are you located? I'm between Woodstock and Canton.

Yeah, I'm not even sure that a 1" impact would get it. We had a 3' breaker bar and a cheater bar on the end of that and it didn't even budge. The good news is once we got all the covers off. The timing belt that is in the car has been changed so it should be good to go for another 40K miles. If we still have the car then we'll figure it out. The only thing I didn't do was add heat. That would mean a new harmonic balancer since this one is rubber inside. Thanks for the offers of support and help.


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