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Gulches: September 15 and 16 - Pictures, Stories and what not

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Post you pictures here and tell us you wheeling stories!!!    //BEER// //BEER// //BEER//

Big Dave:
And forgot lies!!!


--- Quote from: Big Dave on September 15, 2017, 03:34:50 PM ---And forgot lies!!!

--- End quote ---

Those people aren't going to make it this weekend

Fuel pump (I think) went out  while I was in the worst spot possible.  That was an interesting recovery.  Thanks  Chris, Mike and Mike (flimflam man) We got it to the parking lot put a little gas in throttle body and it died right up then died when that ran out. 
  I'll see what I can do tomorrow

Big Dave:
Drop the tank or cut a hole in the bed to replace the stock pump.
Can you put a electric inline pump on it? It would save you a lot of work.


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