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I recently got involved with a small group that is helping me learn quite a bit about runs and spices. The guy that started the group is extremely knowledgeable. He started making his own spices and rubs, but takes on the entire process outside of growing the ingredients. Smoked salts, fresh garlic, etc.  I haven't started any of my own yet, but have gotten a handful of samples.

Today I recieved a pack that I'm actually nervous about. Drunken Reaper.

Carolina reaper based rub and sauce. Also, small vial of 100% Carolina Reaper.

To put it into perspective on scoville scale:
Habenero - 300k
Ghost pepper- 1 mill
Reaper - 2.1 mill


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So what's the plan for using this stuff? 


--- Quote from: Anvilsam on January 12, 2018, 07:54:05 PM ---Scary

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wear gloves!

Trying to think of a joke about jay and his "small group rubs"...

The seasoning sounds really good for some dry wings.


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