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Thoughts and opinions on pellet grills, traeger in particular?

Talked to the sales guy at costco, and I'm intrigued. I need a new grill, and this seems pretty fool-proof since it automatically maintains temp

They had 5 models there, and the small one seemed pretty cool after I saw pics of it at tailgates (slow cooking while wheeling??) and on a built in stand at home.

Next size up ($650) is much more practical, obviously

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Iíd be interested in hearing more.  In general what Iíve read and heard is - Traeger has the market name but lacks in features compared to others.  Rec Tec, Green Mountain, and Camp Chef seem to have better features / quality.  Iíve been thinking of picking up a mid sized Green Mountain out of that list. Most of them have good Instagram presences and I would check them out.

I have a high school friend who is a regional rep for them.  I have had food from his grill at a sampling thing he hosted at a couple of events.  The tri tip was awesome, the rest (chicken, sausage, and some other beef cuts) was good.  He offered me a discount on one, but I have too many grills and smokers already to justify another one, even with a discount.

They are easy is what I recall from watching him.  I believe the company is local, maybe Georgia based?

Big Dave:
I have 2 cheapazz grill, never use em.
But figure out which model you want to purchase & I'll see if I can get you a better deal at work (Ace).
Can bring to AOP in November.

Thanks, Dave.

Rec tec has a show room near my work, I'll go check them out next week. I had no idea there were so many brands and options haha


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