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Danny Kinder:
Core Information :

To sign up for a Core membership PayPal $30: PAY HERE

Be sure to include the following information with your payment.

Email Address:
GATR Username:


- GATR C.O.R.E. status under your name

- Access to exclusive rides and events

- Access to the GATR Exclusive C.O.R.E Section on the forum

- Unlimited PMs

- Vendor & Sponsor discounts

- Georgia Trail Riders Shirt!

Unlock the hidden "Core" section of the forum! You'll be able to join in on the exclusive rides and events too!!


As Owners and Co-founders of Georgia Trail Riders, we have been listening to the most active members, and are creating a C.O.R.E. group. This group is for the off-roader that wants a little more out of their club. C.O.R.E. was designed for our most active and dedicated members, although anyone can join.

Core rides will fall into 1 of 3 categories. Expedition, Intermediate, and Hardcore. Each level is based on driver and rig capability. The 3 tiers will allow you to attend rides that are best for your rig and personal driving skills, and encourage development of your skills at your own pace.

Each GATR ride will be designated as one of these tiers:

TIER 1 – Expedition: Rides that are based on a stock 4x4 chassis. Fun for the whole family. These rides will be a good way to introduce you and your vehicle to the sport. Get your feet wet and gain some experience behind the wheel off-roading. These rides will not be challenging in anyway. Minimal/No damage expected.

TIER 2 – Intermediate: Rides that are open to all 4x4 vehicles. There will be challenges for stock to fully built rigs. Plenty of bypasses for lesser built vehicles. Some damage/Broken parts can be expected, depending on how far you want to push your vehicle. You will have a chance to gain a lot of off-road experience on these rides.

TIER 3 – Hardcore: Rides for fully built rigs. These rides will not be for the faint of heart. You must meet the vehicle requirement set by GATR STAFF to join these rides. These rides are for the most experienced drivers. Most trails on these rides will be hard.

Join up, and we look forward to seeing you on the next ride!

Danny Kinder:
Hey guys. I'll update the Core Members list here. This year we're going with new GATR - Hanes® Essential T-shirts. Shirts will be available for pickup at our monthly ride once they're complete.

Post here once you've paid -
Example: Name / Username / Paid date - Shirt Size

- M
Justin Davis / @Jeepster1407 / 11/7 / M
Mrs. Desilva / @Raisinhead / 1/2 / M

- L
Andrew mumford / @ILOVEDIRT / 1/12 / L
Clark Whitten / @clark123456 / 1/13 / L
Roger King / @extremetownie / 1/4 / L
Tripp Jernigan / @Mortalis5509 / 1/3 / L
Kyle Davenport / @Kadavenport / 1/3 / L
Joel Griswell / @YJGriswell / 12/22 / L
Jay Desilva / @Raisinhead / 1/2 / L
LIL Chaapel / @tcdawg / 1/2 / L

- XL
Brian Gibson / @classified / 1/7 / XL
Dan Hoffman / @MickeyMouse / 1/4 / XL
Ronnie Johnson / @Ronnie j / 1/4 / XL
TJ Hudson / @thudson17890 / 1/3 / XL
John Deeran / @jd30005 / 1/3 / XL
Pat Mccauley / @patman / 1/2 / XL
Kevin Henderson / @Cannonballkev / 1/2 / XL
Travis Macdonald / @TravisMac / 1/1 / XL
Sam Welch / @Grass Janitor / 11/8 / XL
Adam / @ahause57 / XL

Rob / @outlawoffroad / 1/3 / 2XL
Nick domokos / @Ndomokos / 1/3 / XXL
Larry Taylor / @lt99ls1 / 1/2 / XXL
David Grant / @Big Dave / 12/29 / XXL
@biscuit88 / 3/15 / XXL
Tony Chaapel / @tcdawg / 1/2 / XXL

XL. Thanks Danny!

PS: the user name TMac is someone else

Danny Kinder:

--- Quote from: TravisMac on January 02, 2024, 05:31:38 PM ---XL. Thanks Danny!

PS: the user name TMac is someone else

--- End quote ---

Still playing that game huh?? Every year lmao

Paid 1/2/24
Kevin Henderson


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