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Beginning January 1st, 2008, we established a few rules in order to participate in a GATR trail ride. 


If you cannot meet the following requirements, unfortunately, you will not be allowed to ride with GATR until your vehicle is in compliance.

1. Functional Parking brake or Line Lock

2. Tow strap (minimum 2"/20,000lbs, can be bought for +/- $20)

3. Jack (tall enough to change your own tires)

4. Fire extinguisher (must be secured and easily accessible; mandatory for certain ORV parks)

5. Seat belts/restraints for all passengers

6. CB that operates properly with clear transmission and reception (***See note below)

7. Recovery hooks or D-rings front & rear.  (Cheap Idea:

8. Battery hold-down (OEM or after-market, bungy cords are not acceptable)

9. Emergency Contact Form (***See attachment)

10. Functional 4WD is REQUIRED. No 2WD vehicles are permitted.

11. Small First Aid Kit. Highly Recommended, Not Required.

*** The properly tuned CB radio is how we communicate on the trail systems.  From time to time, we cannot see or hear each other and this is where our CB's come in handy.  If you are on a budget, you can pick up one of the best "budget" CB's on the market for around $59 (Uniden Pro510XL) or a Cobra for $49 at Walmart.  Try to get a cable only as long as you need and don't coil it.  Make sure you have a good ground, and get power straight from the battery to reduce noise.  Some staff members have SWR meters and are happy to assist with a tune at a time other than ride time.

Since we are growing and our members are from all over the place, please take a moment to fill out the following Emergency Contact form and keep it in your glove box while attending GATR trail rides.  It would not be good if you were to get severely hurt and we could notify immediate family or friends.

Again guys, thanks for continuing to make each GATR ride a success.


Things to remember on the trail:


1. You must be at least 18 years old to attend a GATR ride unless your legal guardian is a member and present with you.

2. No alcohol allowed in the rig on the trail.  Passengers may not drink as they could be asked to spot, assist, and even drive.  Save it for camp at the end of the day. If you are caught drinking and driving you will be asked to leave the park. If you do not leave, you will be escorted by local law enforcement.

3. We ask that you do not bring any ATV, Dirt Bike or UTV on any GATR ride.

4. Tread lightly and respect all posted signs & markings while on the trails.

5. Do not leave your trash on the trails. Take out more than you bring in.

6. Do not use any language on the radio or in person that is sexually explicit, vulgar, obscene, racially, ethnically, or religiously offensive.

7. Your front facing lights are way cool, but you cannot use them on the trail unless you are the lead rig.

8.  Always keep the rig behind you in sight.  If you lose them stop, and the rig in front of you will stop, etc and the group stays together.

9. When you clear an obstacle, clear the trail ahead far enough, preferably to the side so traffic can pass, so that every rig can clear the obstacle and have room to park.

10. Arrive on time at the posted meeting location ready to ride.  Fuel, food, non-alcoholic beverages, tops and doors off, aired down, everything you need.  Respect the others that came to ride and not to wait on you or work on your junk.  Sounds harsh but that guy you are asking to help on your rig spent $100+ to be there.  If you must, arrange it privately and don't expect others to help.  Be fueled with all forms complete and permits in hand prior to the drivers meeting or riding time.  Standard GATR Driver Meeting or ride time is 9AM.  Those that are ready will depart and you can catch up later. Sorry.

Most of us here get real excited and fired up about a weekend in the woods with our buds and wheelin.  We start piling stuff up near or in the Jeep for a week, and in the garage, and tow pigs.  

This is a list of things to check and pack before a ride. Not all would apply to every ride.  Please post anything we could add.  

Things to check:

Check tires, oil, and coolant on tow pig, trailer and rig
Check diffs and lube suspension on rig
Fuel full in both, or plan before reaching park
Load rig and check straps, trailer ball, and lights

Things to bring:

Food and Drink:
Camp stove/grill/pan/utensils
Beverage of choice
Cups/paper plates/knives/forks
Paper towels
Trash bags
10x10 pop up

Camera/phone/video camera/sunglasses
Camp light/flash light
Camp chair
Tent/sleeping bag/mattress/pillow
Clothes- warm/cold
Ditty bag/shaving kit/etc.
Soap and towels
Toilet paper

Ground blanket/rags
Spare parts
Jumper Cables
Air gauge
Fluids (Oil, Diff Lube, Trans, RTV)
Tire deflators
Extra fuel tank and funnel
Compressor and air line
Hi Lift, tree saver, and tow straps.
First-Aid Kit

GATR Phone numbers
Park Waiver
Emergency Contact list on Glove Box

6. CB that operates properly with clear transmission and reception

Due to changing technology and many members testing out the longer reaching and clearer communicating "race radio" style units and finding them to fit our needs better, the GaTR rule number 6 will be revised as follows:

6.  Consumer "Race Radio" that operates in the FRS/GMRS Frequencies of 462.5625 to 467.7250

There are a number of brands and styles of radio that will fit this requirement. Amazon has a large selection from handhelds to permanent mount units.

Some info on the FRS frequencies:

Yes!  To operate legally you will need a GMRS license. 

Good info here:

Instructions on how to get the license here:

We have a number of folks here who have the GMRS license already as well as a HAM license and can help with questions as they arise.  This is great improvement to our on-trail communications...its like going from leaf springs to coilovers!!


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