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1999 Trooper, G80, 2500.
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:21:16 PM »
Well I have only had it a short time but current living situations and going back to college are forcing me to get rid of her.

1999 Isuzu Trooper
149k Miles
Auto Tranny (no issues)
5-6/32 BFG 285/75/16s ATKOs

Clean Interior (8 out of 10)
Runs Great
Shifts Great
New Front Brakes ( Pads and Rotors )
No Major Dents

General Rust from a PA vehicle.
A quarter sized rust spot on the large door.
Needs Rear Brakes ( pads and rotors )
I was unable to remove the rings for the TOD / ABS from the old rotor ( still have them ).
Might need some exhaust work, depends on your usage.
Somethings wrong with the passenger door, it doesn't bother me but it looks like it might need new hinges.
I have done the research and all these problems can be solved for under 250$.

I paid 3k, invested 1000 on general maintenance. ( As long as I own the vehicle I will continue to fix the issues until its fixed)

I am willing to sell it for 3500$ NOW REDUCED TO 2500$ or trade.

What I would be interested in (nothing modified radically please);
Subaru Legacy Outback / Wagon
Subaru Forrester
Audi CS100 / A6 Wagon
Pretty much anything guys!

Note- There was an issue with the title being sent to the wrong address (stupid notary), I am waiting on PENDOT to fix the problem and get me my title, The previous owners and myself have been in contact with PENDOT so hopefully I will have the title in my hand within a few weeks. It will be sold with bill of sale and soon as I get the title back I will come to you at your convenience and finish.

Vehicle is currently located in ACWORTH, GA.

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