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Drivetrain / Re: Dynatrac Axles for sale
« Last post by kvom on Today at 05:13:00 PM »
Might have to give Clark some high 5s.

And Larry, I didn't say I couldn't break the 60/70, I said I didn't worry about it.
What's the route?
friend as passenger

If anyone is bringing a friend with a rig please note it. 
Trail Rides & Open Events / Re: Meet and Greet
« Last post by Doug on Today at 02:13:32 PM »
If you look at the geological fault line across ga, you'll see where the ocean once was, and you are aways from much but sand and mud.  There's just no rock there near the surface. 

Morris Mtn in AL is a lot of fun but nothing like you are used to.  Folks out west are spoiled with the rocks.
Trail Rides & Open Events / Re: Meet and Greet
« Last post by ShredderJK2010 on Today at 01:54:27 PM »
so i went out and checked out AC outdoor park i will just say this much its alot of mud and more mud. Very tight trails it took me about an hour to get though the whole park i was 15 dollars i wish i could get back. i will travel for a good trail ride, and yes im going to miss colorado trails they are alot of fun.
Absolutely.  Thanks.  I'll reach out as soon as I have the final route.
Drivetrain / Re: Dynatrac Axles for sale
« Last post by 94xjsport94 on Today at 01:36:03 PM »

Clark/Torg was fastest on the draw. He bought the axles and wheels. Glad they're going to a good home.

Yep, I'm the lucky bidder!   And I am very happy about this upgrade.  I went from planning to do very little to the jeep to having to make these fit...luckily it shouldn't take too much to make work.  Then on my way home from some venturing out into the crazy holiday world I realized I have even more work than I had initially considered...I have to make a full width setup fit on my trailer (new  thread coming soon).  And I need some new tires, eventually.

Thanks, John, for constantly doing upgrades and selling that setup to me.

I'll be doing something similar to my trailer as well. Probably in a few months ish, but maybe you can get some ideas on how to do it better than me.
I am planning on doing a video of this one. In the past I havn't taken the time to "really" make a good video. This year I'm going to try to put something really good together. The turn at hogpen gap was an awesome shot last year. Don't know if were heading that way again but if we are I would like to set up there again. Doug, could we get together sometime or phone confrence so I can plan some great shot locations? Thanks.
Drivetrain / Re: Dynatrac Axles for sale
« Last post by Doug on Today at 01:05:13 PM »
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