Author Topic: AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016  (Read 1677 times)

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AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:03:29 PM »
Went with Tim Kirk's group to AOP Friday and Saturday.  Nothing dramatic on Friday as we didn't start riding until after noon.  Saturday we did tougher trails in the morning (43, 44) without event.  After lunch, restarted about 4 and did the top of 49, then went to 47.  47 has gotten a lot tougher than the last time I tried it.  We had 8 rigs, and by the time I got up (#5 in line) it was after 6.  The seventh rig was a guy new to the group who they'd met at Chocco (he lives near there).  He previously owned a buggy but had sold it to but his new rig, "for more casual trail riding" h said.  Not sure of the year but it's a Toyota 4Runner truggy.  He's a good driver, and was pretty aggressive earlier in the ride, but came unstuck at the top of 47.  Vehicle landed on its lid with driver and gf inside.

Note the lack of a cage.  Luckily the B-pillar was strong or serious injury could have resulted.  Gf was unhurt, but driver had a cut on his head (apparently from striking the dome light).

After winching upright and then up the ledge, it needed 3 repairs.  First was use of a hi-lift to raise the roof.  Then removal of spark plugs since the motor was hydro-locked with oil in one cylinder.  Note to Toyota ppl - carry 13/16 deep socket as your plugs are different size.  Finally bleed brakes as one of the rear brake lines had broken. 

By the time all this was done it was pitch black, and we still had to go down 43, one of the least enjoyable parts of the weekend.  Reminded me why I never want to go night-riding.

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Re: AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016
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Damn..cages do matter.  Did he get hurt, at all?

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Re: AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016
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A cage is definitely on my short list... Come on money tree start producing.

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Re: AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016
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Looks like he got lucky. Wonder if the GF will be back on the next trip

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Re: AOP Carnage - 9/3/2016
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Glad to hear no one was seriously injured. Could have been a different outcome with no cage. Yet another example where a helmet would have prevented any injury.
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