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Butt Recipies
« on: September 04, 2017, 12:37:27 PM »
Post yours here.

Here's the one I use from a fella that computers regularly:

Super moist butts:

Rub butts night before with mustard and cover in rebel rub, not available in stores but any good bbq rub you like will do. Wrap and refrigerate overnight if possible. Not critical.

Take butts out early and allow to warm towards room temperature.

Cook unwrapped on grate with plate setter/heat deflector indirect heat at 225-250 for 2-3 hours for temps to reach 120-130 to give the butts some smoke keeping water and some juice in a drip pan. 

Then wrap butts in heavy duty foil well so they cannot leak, very important for moving later, and squirt a few lines of bbq sauce on them before closing tight. Careful not to tear the foil.

Ccook to 195 and remove, careful not to get juice on you, and place wrapped butts in a big cooler on old towels and cover with towels to rest for at least an hour, preferably 2. 

Open foil and move meat to dish.  I don't use use the juice that remains. You will have trouble getting the butt in one piece so use good rubber cooking gloves or claws if you have them and place meat in a dish.  Pull or shread. You can make bbq patte if you want they are so moist.

Enjoy, hope it comes out perfect.