Author Topic: cammed 6.0 swap CLEAN 03 Z71 sierra... only 45k on truck... 25k on motor  (Read 816 times)

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I will trade for a GM sports car, 67-87 chevy pickup, or 66 impala but only worth the price range of $2k-$10... and no thats not a even trade... even though people have already tried...

This truck the fully loaded model... has everything... been kept in doors all its life... has only 45k miles on the truck and only like 25k on the motor... no wear on the leather seats... not a SINGLE stain on the carpet... nothing... still kinda has the new car smell actually... maybe its just the leather i dunno... lol... no nicks or scratches or anything like that... has onstar and all that stuff as well

sport side extended cab (4 doors open)
tonneau cover painted to match with strong struts
roll out bed tray makes for eas of getting to anything and can still roll out... leave cover down... and haul trash cans or whatever...
chrome "GMC" third brake light
chrome side trim
billet gas door but painted white to match... left allen screws stainless... also front and rear decals painted white as well...
chrome 20in Boyd Coddington wheels and AT tires with descent tread...
K&N cold air intake
Stainless Steel long tube headers... had side exit exhaust that stuck way out so i cut it off for now... looking at a gibson setup right now and will have dual exhaust before its sold...
Chrome side steps
2in body lift with cranked up keys to fit the 33's
Corvette transmission servo (harder shifts)

i took the truck in on trade for another truck i had and he bought the truck thinking it was a 5.3... turns out it was a 4.8 and wasnt enough for him to pull his boat... he took it to a CHEVY DEALERSHIP... not some back woods mechanic... and had them do a 6.0 V8 swap in it... he sent off the computer to get tuned for the 6.0... speed limited has been turned off... shift points changed... stuff like that... i dont think it was tuned for performance but for economy (fuel mileage) instead...

there IS still a WARRANTY on this engine... 1 year and like 80k left on it... however im about to cam it so that will go away... if you want to keep the warranty then buy it now before i cam it and the stuff will go with it so you can do it after the warranty expires... up to you...

Comp cam 54-444-11... 224/230@.50 581/588 114lsa
Comp cams hardened pushrods
PAC .600 springs
have brand new camaro electric fans sitting here in the living room and waiting on black bear to send the wire harness i ordered from them as well as the alternator overdrive pulley...
bored, ported, polished throttle body with coolant bypass kit...
taking it to get tuned using EFI Live as soon as the cams in and this other stuff is on...

This truck gonna be pretty sweet... ill have the cam in it in the next month or so... holiday weekend and such are gonna make me wait a little...


if you have any questions just give me a call, txt, or PM... for more pics txt me... thanks!!
Travis 678-588-6661

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95 2 door I6, 2006 F250 axles... 5.38's and welded F&R... custom Y linked front... leafs (for now) in the rear... H1 double beadlocks and rock rings with 40's

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